Our vision

Augmenting Intelligence

Our mission

Connecting global organizations with AI expertise to maximize impact.

Our Story

Lyrise was founded and inspired by the legacy of Al-Khwarizmi as he’s considered to be the father of algorithms and is widely regarded as the starting point of the field of computer science. His contributions to mathematics and computational thinking laid the foundation for the development of AI.

LyRise is a platform for companies to work with AI talents faster through connecting them with Top AI experts from the MENA region. We provide for companies a tailored secure data infrastructure and efficient cloud compute resource.

Our talents have a strong background and experience backed by companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft. We are the 1st AI talent marketplace to join the IBM Hyperprotect Accelerator, and Techstars powered by JP Morgan to expand to over 10,000 AI engineers & scientists from Africa.

LyRise is backed by Techstars Atlanta powered by JP Morgan and Google for Startups and IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator.

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Our values

We’re an ambitious and smart team with a shared mission

Our shared values keep us connected and guide us as one team.



we’re using data and a scientific approach to uncover the truth behind what makes processes work.



we clarify and connect to our people’s purpose & mission by prioritizing it to help fulfill our individual purpose & meaning.



we harness the power of our nexus by connecting, respecting each other and being good human beings.



we care about removing inefficiencies in any redundant or manual process that can be automated or optimized.



we are humble learners, continuously seeking to grow and nurture our experience, intelligence and wisdom.

Our Ethos



Augment Intelligence


LyRise Milestones.

LyRise bootstrapped using the founder's all-in: $8K and pivoted from an AI-as-a-Service, to AI training programs, and now to an AI talent-as-a-Service marketplace growing its customer base to 15, talent network to over 1000 AI talents growing 10x over a few months.


• The 1st AI talent marketplace to join Techstars powered by JP Morgan to expand to over 10000 AI engineers & scientists from Africa


• Pivoted from AI-as-a-Service to Talent-as-a-Service, secured a major TaaS customer, re-branded to LyRise and acquired over 1000 AI - Data talents, established teams internationally in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, Jordan, Nigeria and others.


• Launched first AI & Data Science Bootcamp in the MEA region in partnership with Microsoft. Up-skilled >150 AI engineers & Data Scientists.

Social Impact


SDG 13

SDG 13 Climate Action

The environmental impact of remote work can’t be understated. Reports estimated that 3 million tons of greenhouse gasses are avoided each year and oil savings reach $980 million due to the 3.9 million people working remotely at least half time. At LyRise, we are a remote first company. we provide for both Companies and Talents to operate remotely to reduce Carbon footprints.


About the Founder

Marc Banoub is Founder and CEO of LyRise, a platform for companies to work with vetted AI teams faster. LyRise is solving the mis-match in AI & Data talents by building fractional AI teams from emerging markets at half the time and cost.

Marc has pioneered numerous advanced AI training programs, built a network of over >1.3K AI & Data talents, and helped over 30+ companies build their AI teams, product roadmap and strategy.

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